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November 1, 2023

Crafting a Memorable Christmas Campaign for your Shopping Precinct


The holiday season is a time of joy and celebration, and shopping precincts have a special role to play in making it memorable.

However, one common challenge faced by business associations during this time is the process of obtaining the necessary permits and permissions from local councils. The good news is that we have a 3 step method to streamline this process and ensure your Christmas campaign launch is a breeze. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Define your unique Christmas vision

Every community has a distinct identity, and your shopping precinct is no exception. When it comes to launching a successful Christmas campaign, the first step is to define what Christmas means to your community. Your precincts character is significantly shaped by its surroundings, so why not use that as the foundation for your Christmas vision? For instance, imagine a business association nestled in a leafy Melbourne suburb. Here, you have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas by embracing the natural beauty of the area.

Tips to support Step 1:

  • Business and community consultation: involve your local businesses and community in the vision defining process. Hold meetings with traders and gather feedback by visiting businesses, using online surveys and social media.
  • Theme development: consider a unifying theme for your Christmas campaign. This could be based on local culture, identity, heritage or natural surroundings.
  • Local artists and creatives: engage local artists, creatives, designers, businesses and performers to contribute to your Christmas vision. It is also encouraged that if you are procuring goods and services for your campaign, you purchase these from local home, commercial and mobile based businesses in your community.
  • Sustainability: consider eco-friendly decorations and initiatives in your vision. Support sustainability efforts by getting local schools, businesses and community groups involved in repurposing past decorations in accordance with the defined Christmas vision.

Step 2: Engage your committee and businesses

The second step involves engaging your business association committee and the businesses you represent. To ensure your holiday campaign aligns with your communities needs, it’s essential to create a survey for valuable insights. Delegate this task to a committee member (or for Special Rate funded business associations, your Marketing Coordinator) with survey development experience/expertise. Send the survey to your traders and encourage their participation. Once you’ve gathered the data, refine and analyse it to make informed decisions.

Step 3: Seek permissions and permits

The final step is all about securing the necessary permissions and permits from your local council or state government authority. It’s advisable to start this process between July and October (or earlier) to avoid delays. When applying for permits, provide detailed information and ensure the application form is filled out correctly. While seeking permissions, always ask your council for assistance, but remember that councillors cannot approve permit applications. Don’t forget to inquire about any associated costs, insurances and check if other community groups or the council itself plans to install decorations.


By following this 3-step method, you can transform your shopping precincts Christmas campaign into a seamless, community focused and friendly celebration. Your Christmas vision, powered by community feedback, will come to life as you collaborate with local businesses and the council. So, take the plunge and begin defining your vision as early as possible, engage your community and local businesses and ensure that you obtain the required permits and permissions from your local council. By following these 3 steps, your Christmas campaign is sure to shine brightly and launch on time for the community and visitors to enjoy.

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