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Confident leaders. Happy and engaged members. Positive impact. Practical skills. Strategic partnerships. A collaborative Board. Respected brand. Volunteer retention. Great governance. Good times.

Governance workshops for traders associations, marketing managers and Council officers (in-person or online)


In every community, a shared aspiration prevails – to make things better.

We all seek to leave a positive mark, uplift, and bring about meaningful change. Yet, achieving these goals can be challenging, not due to lack of goodwill, but often due to the intricacies of governance, operational workings, and leadership dynamics. At Yellow Round Table, we understand these challenges and are here to guide you through them.

When it comes to traders’ association, your desire to stand out, operate independently and advocate for local causes is evident. Rural and metropolitan main streets are uniquely beautiful, and that’s why our governance workshops are tailored to meet your specific organisational needs. No fluff, no BS – just a practical and to the point learning experience that truly values your time.
As volunteers and business owners, we get it – if we’re going to disrupt our businesses or time with loved ones for a few hours, it better be worth it.

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Strategic insights. Informed guidance. Captivating presentations. Equitable outcomes.
Brag worthy results that inspire pride.

Consulting, specialised projects and speaking


With two decades of experience and a collection of accolades, Yellow Round Table is dedicated to assisting organisations in cutting through red tape and leaving a lasting impact.

Our reputation precedes us, and with a trusted advisor at your round table, be it for a modest or major project, the spotlight is exclusively on you. Operating on a confidential basis, we take joy in seeing our clients’ organisations shine – as we know that it will inspire others to follow your lead.

For statutory processes such as Special Rates, we require a minimum lead time of 12 months and maximum lead time of 24 months. Pricing for all consulting, projects and speaking on application.

Ready to step into the spotlight?

With a track record of recruiting, training and leading large teams, my passion lies in nurturing capacity, knowledge, and confidence in individuals. I specialise in recognising your unique talents and guiding you to not just shimmer, but genuinely shine.

Mentoring and training


Whether you’re an entrepreneur, dedicated volunteer, aspiring Board member or Council officer, if you’re in search of a mentor characterised by motivation, drive, ambition, grit, and a firm determination to help you explore your full potential and achieve your goals, I might be a good fit for you.

Mentoring and training packages will be thoughtfully curated to provide tailored support. Being a mentor is a privilege that I take seriously, and that’s why I only dedicate time to a select number of individuals each year.

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To determine if we’re a good fit, please complete this questionnaire. We understand that your time is valuable, so it’s important that we get to understand your needs, what you’re aspiring to achieve by working with us or if we can help you.


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I'm the Founder of Yellow Round Table and a strategic advisor dedicated to empowering organisations that aspire to stand out and champion causes close to their hearts. A cause close to my heart is helping trader’s associations find the joy in building, growing, and scaling volunteer talent.

My approach to main street governance is distinctively unique – simply because I have  experience as a community volunteer, marketer, events manager, business owner and Council Officer managing the Special Rate statutory process, working directly with trader’s associations, traders, property owners marketing managers, Councillors and Council Officers. This experience is the inspiration and reason why her signature Governance Unleashed workshops are so valuable and resonate with community volunteers of incorporated associations, business owners and Council officers.

I've worked on numerous strategic and statutory projects including the Better Approvals Project, Preston Market, Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plans, Council Plans, Permits, investigations, Tourism Destination Management Plans, Special Rates, Strategic Plans, Domestic Animal Management Plans and Local Laws,  won an Innovation Award from Kmart Australia, took part in a Sustainability in Business Accelerator Programs for CALD entrepreneurs, awarded Start Up of the Year at the 2023 Hume Business Awards,  Alumni Committee member of ygap and most recently, crowned a Main Street Master in Governance.

Recognised for my work within the industry and local community, I was  was recently selected to take part in Leadership Victoria’s – Women in Leadership Program in 2024. Despite two decades of experience in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors, I believe my career is just getting started and am  excited to help others build the governance frameworks needed to grow their organisation in a productive, assured way.

Award winning start up, innovator and national expert in all thing’s main street marketing, governance and compliance.

I'm Rania!


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Yellow Round Table specialises in helping traders associations  find the joy in building, growing and scaling volunteer talent.