Welcome to Yellow Round Table, where we believe that good governance is the key to unleashing your true potential. Our mission is to help elevate your main street and empower local businesses, with good governance.

Are you a passionate volunteer led committee member of an incorporated association or a purpose driven visionary looking to create positive change in your community?

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We're a family owned, purpose led consultancy helping volunteer led committees, community groups and businesses.

We teach them how to cut red tape and operate independently with feel good governance, so that they can continue to make a positive impact in their local communities (and feel good about it too).


I believe the best way to get to know someone is over a cup of coffee and as Yellow Round Table is an intentionally small scale purpose led consultancy, a virtual cuppa let's us find out if we're a good match like wine and cheese.

and who knows? You might join 85% of our repeat clients (who started off by having a virtual coffee with Rania).

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3 reasons why you want us at your round table:

Rania brings 20+ years of experience in the private, public and NFP sector.  She is a nationally recognised as the g-to expert for main streets, the Special Rates statutory process and governance for volunteer led committees of incorporated associations. 

Strategic guidance and advice


Volunteer led committees are often faced with many governance risks and challenges on a daily basis. From internal leadership disputes and decisions, negligent advice from consultants or public sector representatives to trusting a search on the internet - a bad decision can impact the brand and reputation of the organisation your committee has been trusted to protect by the members it represents.   

We'll help you cut red tape, so that you can operate independently and create a vibrant and thriving community hub, reputation and legacy.

We protect reputations


Whether you're starting your journey or seeking a fresh perspective, we're here to support your vision and help you achieve your goals.

and because we specialise in governance, permits, investigations and compliance (on top of everything else) - we tell you all the red tape and risks you need to factor in before making any stressful or costly decisions.

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Empowering local businesses, with good governance.

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Yellow Round Table is  proud to be a strategic partner at the round table of incorporated associations operating as a traders association, business association, community group or sporting club and home, commercial and mobile based businesses in Victoria.


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