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October 25, 2023

The Benefits of Establishing an Incorporated Business Association


Have you ever considered the idea of establishing an incorporated business association?

Just as entrepreneurs identify market gaps and launch businesses to fill them, similar motivations drive the establishment of incorporated business associations. Often, these associations are formed to address various issues in a local shopping precinct.

Addressing precinct challenges

  • There is a gap in the local shopping precinct.
  • These issues can range from the lack of investment, maintenance, antisocial behaviour, vandalism, rubbish, job opportunities to insufficient government support for marketing local businesses.

Starting the process

The process of setting up an incorporated business association is relatively straightforward, requiring just five business owners to initiate the proceedings.

The Benefits of an Incorporated Business Association

To help your better understand the advantages of starting an association in your shopping precinct, we’ve compiled a list of the eight key benefits.

1. Amplify the voice of businesses

Advocating for individual business owners can be a time consuming and lonely endeavor. However, an incorporated business association can provide a collective voice that represents the entire shopping precinct, making advocacy more effective and less overwhelming.

2. Access to funding and grants

Both funded and unfunded incorporated associations have greater opportunities to secure funding and grants. For more information about available grants, you can use the Grants and Programs Finder.

3. Establish a robust governance framework

When you establish an incorporated business association, it takes on greater legal and financial responsibilities, implementing formal procedures that benefit its members. The primary aim is not to collect funds for profit distribution, but rather to support the members the incorporated business association represents.

4. Market and promote businesses

An incorporated business association is typically established to promote and market businesses, increase employment, visitor numbers, advocacy, investments and commerce within a shopping precinct. Building a brand that resonates with customers and the businesses it represents is of the utmost importance.

5. Build strategic partnerships

An incorporated business association can focus on cultivating strategic partnerships and relationships with businesses, government entities, communities and industry bodies. These partnerships can open up new opportunities for the organisation.

6. Provide strategic insight to decision making

Your association’s committee will consist of thought leaders within the local business community. Leveraging their expertise, you can provide strategic insights to key decision makers regarding local business issues and opportunities.

7. Influence public policy changes

Bringing about changes in public policies that impact businesses require patience. However, an incorporated business association can develop relationships and advocate for policy changes with key decision makers to influence policy development effectively.

8. Build a unified advocacy and brand voice

One of the most common reasons for establishing an incorporated business association is to create a unified advocacy and brand voice that represents businesses. While forming strategic partnerships is essential, every decision made by the committee should ultimately benefit the businesses they represent.


If you’re considering launching an incorporated business association in your shopping precinct, the eight benefits outlined above should assist you and fellow business owners in making an informed decision. We hope these benefits inspire you to identify gaps in your local shopping precinct, engage with other business owners and find your unified advocacy voice.

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