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Passionate about creating a real impact, I believe it starts by aligning your passion for good – whether at home, in your community or at work. My approach focuses on strengths, creating a robust foundation for lasting change.

With over two decades of industry leadership, I bring a distinctive, professional approach across not-for-profit, private, and public sectors. My sweet spot? Tackling challenges with innovation and a smile whilst crafting strategies that benefit individuals, communities, and organisations alike.

I understand the challenges facing trader’s associations, main street marketing managers and Council economic development, place making and tourism officers. The root cause often lies in a lack of knowledge regarding individual and collective roles or governance obligations. This insight fuels my passion for fostering round table discussions where we function as a value partnership – each operating independently yet with a crucial role to play.

I don’t see myself as an enabler. Instead, I view volunteers as individuals incorporated to advocate for change, champion meaningful causes, and build a unified brand voice. Unfortunately, the gap in knowledge often leads them to become overly dependent on external organisations and consultants. This dependency is demotivating for Board members, marketing managers and Council officers who seek enjoyment, the ability to make strategic decisions that benefit members and traders, and the ability to leave a lasting legacy in the local community.

With a background in governance, business, and investigations, I simplify roles and take great pride delivering governance workshops that empower volunteers and organisations.







Where to next?

Yellow Round Table specialises in helping traders associations  find the joy in building, growing and scaling volunteer talent.