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February 1, 2024

Does my business need a planning permit?

Business Permits

It’s just after midnight, you’re in bed thinking about your business and start searching: planning permits for my business Melbourne/Victoria.

You go on some wild search ‘do I need a planning permit?’ and nothing you find is really helping you. The language is just… bleh.

The business permit side of business is very much like The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland. There are:

Rabbit holes. Riddles. Weird things. Wonderful things. Tears. Adventure. More questions…. and you’ll sometimes wish that you didn’t want to start or scale your business so badly, but just like Alice.

It’s your destiny to run your own business!

and that destiny may include planning permits. We hope that it doesn’t, but it might.

When it comes to starting and scaling a business in Victoria (or anywhere in Australia), this question always comes to mind.

and the answer you seek can only be provided by a Statutory Planner from your Local Council.

About Statutory Planning

Statutory planning look at:

  • overall use of the land
  • impact on you,
  • impact on your neighbours
  • the impact on the environment

Planning decisions are made by your Local Council’s Statutory Planning department and are in accordance with the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

Your Local Council also has their own Planning Scheme, that is used conjunction with the Act.

How can I find out if my business needs a planning permit?

To get the best outcome when speaking with your Statutory Planner, we have provided you with the basics you should provide them:

  1. Provide an address (it’s the only way you’ll be provided information).
  2. Have a Business Plan (especially if you want accurate advice).
    • Yellow Round Table can help you with developing a Business Permit Strategy which incorporated business, marketing and all business permits your Council would administer.
  3. A detailed summary (if you don’t have a business plan).

Once they have the above information, a Statutory Planner will conduct research, refer to the Planning and Environment Act 1987, Planning Scheme and any other policies and strategies and provide you advice.

Possible outcomes

Your Statutory Planner will provide you with one of the four following advice and outcomes:

Outcome 1:

You don’t require a planning permit.

Outcome 2:

You require a new planning permit.

Outcome 3:

You need to make an amendment  to an existing planning permit.

Outcome 4:

The type of business you want to operate is not allowed at the address you have provided.

This is why you want to speak with your Local Council’s Statutory Planning department prior to buying or leasing property.

If you need to amend or apply for a planning permit

With outcome 2 and 3, your Statutory Planner should also tell you the following:

  • The cost of the planning permit application (costs are set by the Victorian Government).
  • That the only way your planning permit application will be assessed, is if payment has been made in full (again – set by the Victorian Government; your Local Council administers the Act).
  • A snapshot of the statutory process and a rough timeframe.
  • Any tips that will help you in submitting a good application (to minimise delays).
  • If you should engage an external planning consultant. Don’t take offence to this advice, a planning consultant specialises in this process and depending on your financial situation, can save you a lot of time. It is important that you do your research if you do decide to invest in an external planning consultant.
  • If there have been issues at this location or with other planning applications in the past.

After you have received planning advice

Just remember, you still need to find out if business permits are needed from the following departments:

  1. Local Laws
  2. Environmental Health
  3. Building

The statutory planning element is an influential element of the entire permit process.

It has a domino effect directly with building, environmental health, or local elements of your business permit needs.

If you have read this without breaking a sweat, well done to you!

Searching business permits Melbourne or Victoria still?

If you are struggling with getting your business plan, proposal or summary ready and are looking for a premium service that is fun, engaging, and educational…. you’ve come to the right place.

Book in a consultation with Rania from Yellow Round Table prior to speaking with your Local Council or real estate agent.

Contact Rania from Yellow Round Table today and she’ll help you build the strong foundations your business kingdom needs.


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